Mack Diary-English Original

Bro’r Martin Mack’s Journal from  13th September 1745 N.S.

of his Journey and Visit to Shamoko.

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Friday 13th
We made ourselves ready to set out from Mühlbach.  Andreas Satteliu his wife and child were our Companions.  They came from Conrad Weiser’s and brought a Pass and Letter with them for us in which he wished us both a happy and prosperous Journey.  Michael Schäffer furnished us with some Necessarys for our Journey.  On the way we came to Christoph Weiser’s who received us with much Love and after we had gone about 5 miles further, we took up our Quarters for the  Night.
Saturday 14th
We went as far as  the Inner Blue Mountains where we lodg’d all Night.  This Evening we thought much on our dear Bethlehem and on those happy Hours  they enjoy  there.  We pray’d the  Lamb with many Tears, that he would ever keep us in that happy Connextion with the  Dear Church and not suffer us to be deprived of it their by the  Subtelty of  the Enemy or our own Flesh.
Sunday 15th
We travel’d over the Thürnstein, and got a great Way on our Journey that Day.  We were happy and well [illegible]   Happy Hours we enjoyed amongst you cost us again many a Tear; yet never the less we went to Shamoco with all our Hearts, and could lay the Indian  there on the  Lamb’s Heart with many Tears, that he might open for us the  Doors of  their Hearts.
Monday 16th
We reached Shamoco today.  I ask’d Andreas where he thought I and my Wife could live and he answered, he did not know himself, his own Hut was very small.  I ask’d him if I could not build a little Hut near by his?  He said: at this Time it would be very difficult to build one because one cannot get any Bark it being too late in the  Year to get any Bark.  He said also Conrad Weiser had already spoken with him about it and told him he has rather we should live near to him than Scheckelleme.  We went with him  therefore to his House.  He lives in an Island.  We came  there about Evening.    Old Mother [Mme Montour] was much rejoiced that we came to see her.  She immediately prepared a Place for us in  their Hut.  Andrew ask’d us if we could make Shift with that since His Hutt being so very small?  We accepted of it with thankfulness tho’ it was so small.
Tuesday 17th
We Staid at Home.  Andrew visited his Mother and Father in Law.  The old Woman told us that her Son had told her much about Bethlehem and that good People liv’d  there, which had created great Desire in her Heart to come and die there, and she believed she should  then die happy.  She ask’d what Indians were in Bethelehm and if  re were any of the Delaware Indians that have a love for us? My wife told her a great deal of what our Savior had done for the  Indians that were in Bethlehem and that  they thanked him with many Tears that he had open’d  their Eyes and given  them to feel the  Power of his Blood in  their Hearts.  The old Woman lamented much that   the Indians here are still so cold and dead and that  they know of nothing but drinking and Dancing.  My Wife told her the  Reason why  the People were forced to do so was because  they do not believe in  the Lord Jesus.  Those Things were only  the Fruits of that.  This Evening  there was a great Noise  in  the Neighborhood,   Indians that lived near us being all Drunk. Some of  them came into our Hut and look’d very dismal and roar’d like the very Beast.   The old Woman packed up all her Things together and hid  them in the  Woods.  We committed ourselves to  the Lamb and his Holy Angels that  they might protect and watch over us.
September 18th
We went over the  water a Visiting.  We visited among Others Shikellamy.  He was very friendly.  His Sons knew us both dearly and brought us into his House.  We had time scarce ¼ of an hour  there before  there came 4 drunken Indians.  We went  therefore soon upon the  Island and visited a few Huts.  My wife found a sweet Woman that was fit for the  Kingdom of the  Savior.  We returned home again.  the  old Mother was very much concerned for us because she had not been able to make any Victuals for us all  the day for fear of   drunken Indians.  At night we heard again a Terrible Noise of shouting and hallooing.  Andreas told us he must go again because he feared least Someone would be murdered or shot.    Martin and Anna held a little Singing Hour, and Prayed  the  Lamb with many Tears that he would watch over us and overrule the  Power of  the Enemy.   The Devil Roars horribly because he is afraid his Kingdom should be disturbed.
September 19th
We staid at Home today, seeing  they were almost all most of  them drunk and Prayed to  the Lamb for  them. It being at present our chief Plan, to Pray, weep, and think within how father it will go here.  We took fresh courage, hoping the  Lamb will still here also prove the  Power of said Holy Wounds, which He received for His People.  The  Enemy endeavours to frighten us and diminish our Father, but we know that we don’t undertake the  Work at our own Charge. We venture in   Blood of   Lamb and rely [-] on the  Prayers of  the Church. We well know who we are; poor Children who can and will do Nothing without the  Lamb’s Strength.  In the  Evening we kept a blessed Singing Hour.  This Morning came also some of the  old Mother’s Kindred, her Sister’s Child and  the dear Mother of Andreas’s Sister Catherina.  She is a white Woman but has an Indian Husband.   They came near 400 miles and Live about 100 Miles above Allegheny.   They are going to Philadelphia with Dear Skins with which  they have loaded 60 horses. They were very friendly, speak French and some English.   They don’t live far from the  Cherokees, but it is Canada.
September 20th  My wife was taken very ill.  She was seiz’d with a Shivering and Stitch in her Side.  She had complained several Days before that she felt very heavy and tired but did not know what was the  Matter with her till today when her Discomfort was so violent that she could not continue up any longer.    The Stitch was many times so violent that she thought it would break her Heart.  We committed ourselves in our present Circumstances to  the  Lamb and begged him to give us the   Bodily Strength we had need of for the   Business we were sent here to do.  Since we were come here for his Sake, and for his Sake would also gladly stay here, so long as he and his Cross-Church should think for.  This Evening I had an Opportunity of Speaking with Andrew and told him somewhat of that loving Heart of Jesus and how it was disposed towards such poor Men as were here in Shomoco, and that he would gladly help and deliver whosoever would be helped and delivered by him, because all  these things which were amongst the   Indians, such as Gluttony, Drunkeness, Whoredom,  theft, Murder, Lying, Deceit, were only Fruits of their not believing on Jesus Christ, who  therefore died that he might make an End of all those Things and he that does not believe on him, is and must remain a Slave of Sin whether he will or not, if not in the  outward grossest yet in Heart.
September 21 I went a visiting.  I had an Opportunity in a Hut were  many  there present to tell  them somewhat of  the  Cause of our being here and the   Lamb gave me grace to speak with Boldness to  them of his Great Love to Sinners.  In  the  Evening my Wife had a great Fever and violent Gripeings in her Bowels.
Sept. 22nd Her Illness increased which made her very weak.  We could do nothing but commend it to the  Lamb who knows our Circumstances here.  In the  Evening we pray’d together, and  the  Lamb heard us. We were very happy, thanked the  Lamb with an humbled Heart, that we are his Sinners and that he has graciously received us and it would be very heavy to us if we did not know this in our present Circumstances.  “We co’d from the  best and of endleast sing” Others is not of   Blood of   the Lamb, how heavy would Life be to us.”  Anna said, O yes, If I did not constantly know that the   Lamb was my Lamb, I should surely perish, Such Reflections made our Eyes overflow with Tears, and we had many happy Hours together.  We thought much also on our happy People in Bethlehem and what we enjoyed amongst  them  there and could heartily believe that we are continually be remembered by  them.
23rd early in the   morning 2 drunken Indians came into our Hut who had made a great Noise for some Hours before.  My Wife was very weak.  Her Fever continued with great Pain in her Limbs.  In  the  Night her Pain abated somewhat and we thanked the   Lamb with many Tears that he had heard  the  Prayers of his Children.
24th In the   Morning my Wife began to mend.  Our Hearts were humbled, seeing the   Lamb was so gracious to us and gave us to feel his Nearness to us in our Hearts.  We found fresh Occasion to deliver ourselves over to his Protection.
25th My Wife was much better.  Mr. Brainer[d] a Presbyterian Minister came to visit us. He was very friendly.  His business here is to visit and preach to the  Indians. He complain’d very much of  them that  they were such wicked People, being always drunk and never should be got together to hear Sermon.  He did not know what he should do with  them.  He lodg’d with Schickellime and had been here before in the  Spring.
26th We thought much on our happy Congregation in Bethlehem and those weighty and precious Opportunities one enjoys  there.  Martin and Anna had also a little love feast together. Our hearts were so much melted  therein that we scarce knew how it came about. The great Love which the  Lamb bears to his Sinner Flock was so particularly made clear to us and it was a great Happiness to us that we were of that Number.  We made a New Covenant with each other, to offer up our lives intirely for his Service, to be his & his Churches alone, & to give [th]e Fruit of our Bodies to him who had made himself an offering for us.  After dinner I wrote a Letter to B.m Joseph, & inform’d him of our Circumstance. In [th]e Evening I spoke with Andrew ab[ou]t my living in his House, as he intends to Morrow to go to Philad and I ask’d him if I &
my Wife co[ul]d live in his Hut with his Wife & Matter till he return’d again? he answer we were welcome to live in his Hut as long as we pleased, it was a very poor Hut, but if we were content with our Apartment, we might stay & he sho[ul]d be very glad. We thank’d him heartily for it, & told him we were heartily satisfied with it, & had rather live in his Hut than in [th]e best House in Philad. He wonder’d very much [tha]t we were so contented in his Hut.
In [th]e Evening Martin & Anna were very happy together, & very thankfull tow.ds our d.r Lamb, particularly for his fatherly Care & faithfullness for us his poor Sinners.  We co[ul]d also thank him from [th]e Bottom of our Hearts even for this our little Place & intreated him to reward this House for it, & let them feel [tha]t we are a Blessing to them.  We recomended them &
us to [th]e Lamb in a hearty Prayer.
27th.  early in [th]e Morning Andrew set out with his Fri[ends] for Phil.a  M.r Brainer came & visited us again to Day. Anna is every day better than other.  I believe [th]e Lamb will soon give her Strength, [tha]t we can go a visiting again.
28th. Martin went over [th]e Water to visit some Huts, & found some Indians very friendly
29th. We help’d our People get in their Indian Corn. In [th]e Evening we help a bless’d singing Hour, together in English, Dutch & Indian, & thank’d our Lamb with an humbled Heart, [tha]t he had hitherto been with us, & given us to feel [th]e Power of his Wounds on our Hearts.
30th. We help’d our People again with [th]e Indian Corn.  Martin & Anna went a visiting again toger for [th]e Some, & co[ul]d not but thank [th]e Lamb with many Tears who had so graciously heard us.
Oct.  1st. we were all Day at Home & help’d our People again.
2d.        We thought much on our d.r Beth: were very happy together & had a particular Feeling of [the]r happy Meetings & our d.n Lamb gave us also a Share in them. My Anna had an Opportunity toDay of speaking with an Indian Women of [th]e great Love of our d.n Lamb has to poor Lost Mankind, & co[ul]d pray heartily for her [tha]t [wha]t she had spoke to her might prove a Blessing to her Heart.
3d. We visited again sev.l Hutts on [th]e Island, & found [th]e People friendly tow.ds us.
4th. We went over [th]e Water a visiting several of [th]e Indians there know us perticularly [th]e Kings Wife, she remember’d to have seen me 3 years ago. The King gave us also a hearty Welcome, & directly order’d us something to eat.
The Indians [tha]t were in his Hutt reced us very friendly. We told them [tha]t we were come out of Love lov’d them & therefore were come again to see them. They wonder’d very much at it, [tha]t we sho[ul]d come such a long Way only [out of Love] to visit them.  We eb.d not to say anymore to them, but heartily pray [tha]t [th]e Lamb wo[ul]d open their Eyes, & by his holy Spirit make it clear to them in their Hearts what they wanted. There were a great many Indians there, but it was so in our Hearts [tha]t we co[ul]d not say any Thing more to them, because we felt in our Hearts [tha]t it wo[ul]d have been in vain.  But yet we co[ul]d heartily believe [tha]t [th]e Time wo[ul]d yet come when [th]e Wounds of [th]e Lamb wo[ul]d here also be publickly preach’d. In [th]e Evening our Hearts were so happy and well, [tha]t they flow’d in Tears under a Feeling of [th]e Lamb near Presence. We co[ul]d heartily pray & cry to [th]e Lamb, [tha]t he wo[ul]d soon glorify himself here.
In [th]e Evening we ask’d each other, [wha]t it was we yet wanted
[tha]t now lay so heavy on & oppreSs’d our Hearts, but we co.d find nothing but [tha]t we wanted B.rn & Sisters of this People in Shomoco.  O! we want a little Congregation! To be happy here for ourselves among so many Indians is too heavy for us.  May [th]e dr Lamb soon hear our & his Churches Sighs & Prayers & rejoice our Hearts with this as yet wild people.
5th. We intended to have went a visiting on [th]e other Side of [th]e Island, Indians living on both Sides, but we co[ul]d not get over there being on Canoes being there they were all on [th]e other Side. We call’d ab[ou]t 2 Hours, but no body came, we therefore went home again & pray’d for them.
6th. & [the]n We stay’d at Home & hep’d our People in with their Indian Corn.  The Indians had a great Feast at which they were all present, & very Merry according to Custom.
8th. Early in [th]e Morning having an Opportunity we went over [th]e Water, as we had an opportunity We first pray’d [th]e Lamb [tha]t he wo[ul]d bless this our visit & give us to find those Souls out whom he hath Chosen for his own peculiar Property.  We Visited all [th]e Delaware Indians, they reced us very friendly in almost all [th]e Huts but ask’d at [th]e same Time when we intended to go away again.  In one of [th]e Hutts where a Man & his Wife was alone we had an Opportunity of speaking of our Lamb & his great Love to poor Lost Mankind, [tha]t he did not spare his own Life for them.  We were very happy with these 2 People they listen’d to us with great Attention such as say we have not yet found here.  O how did our Hearts rejoice at it?  We thought directly perhaps these are [th]e 1st. We laid them on [th]e Lambs Heart.They show’d us a great deal of Love.  We told them something of our Indians in Checomeco, how they thank’d [th]e Lamb with many Tears, [tha]t he had now changed made their Hearts otherwise & Open’d their Eyes that they now need not any longer do as they had heretofore done, but by Faith in Jesus [Christ]!  co[ul]d be happy & joy in god their Sav.m who died for such wicked Indians as they had been by his death had procured another Life for them. We ask’d them both if they had understood us, they both answered yes they understood us well.  We told them we wo[ul]d visit them again.  The Man replied he sho[ul]d have been glad if we had visited him more before but now he was minded to go out a hunting on [th]e Morrow & sho[ul]d not return again perhaps in 3 Months, Our Hearts were mov’d to weep & pray for them.
We took Leave of them & pray’d them not to forget w[ha]t we had been speaking with them ab[ou]t. We went & visited [th]e rest of [th]e Hutts & then it was Evening so we return’d Home, thank’d [th]e Lamb for this Visit, & pray’d [th]e Lambkin childlikely [tha]t he wo[ul]d by his Spirit impreSs [th]e Words, we had spoke to [th]e Indians deep into their Hearts & himself explain them to him.

9th. 10th. We staid at Home & work’d a little for our people. In
[th]e Evening 3 Canoes full of Indians Pass’d by here who were
going to War.  They were Delaware Indians who live at
Waaphallabanck near Wayomeck.  One of them came into
our Hutt & look’d very big & told Us he was going tomorrow
to War ag[ains]t [th]e Flat Heads

11th. We went again over the Water to visit but found no body
at Home but [th]e old King, he told us they were all gone over
[th]e Water & had left him alone, he wo[ul]d gladly have given us
something to eat, but he had nothing.  We thank’d him heartily
for his Love.  he was very friendly, but complain’d [tha]t he co[ul]d he [illegible]
not hear otherwise he wo[ul]d gladly hear us.  he desired we wo[ul]d
visit [th]e others, & speak with them. He told us also [tha]t a few days
ago he had been drunk & fallen into [th]e Fire & burnt all [th]e
Flesh from his Hand, which now gave him great Pain.  We Pitied
him much.  We were very much troubled ab[ou]t  some Things [tha]t
happen’d in our House which we co[ul]d not but lay on [th]e Lambs
Heart with many Tears. We had been a good while
before afraid [tha]t [th]e Enemy wo[ul]d endeavour told something
from [tha]t Quarter since he is so much ag[ains]t our living here
among [th]e Indians, & therefore he tries all Ways & Means to
get us away again for we are a Thorn in his Eyes, this we
can often see.  May [th]e Lamb of GOD help us thro & by his
holy Spirit make us manifest in the Hearts of these People
& let them know [tha]t we are a Blessed People & [tha]t are have
no other end in being here than to seek their Souls.

12th We went over [th]e Water again & visited [th]e Tutellies or
Tappans & [th]e Delawares.  The 1st were very Lightminded
& full of Rediculed us, we co[ul]d do nothing with them but pray
& sigh together to [th]e Lamb for them.  Some of [th]e Delawares were
friendly tow. us & some so being at Cards [tha]t they had no Time
to look at us.  we had no Opportunity therefore to say any
Thing to them & had we said anyThing it certainly wo[ul]d have had
no good Effect.  We were Still therefore & pray’d to [th]e Lamb
for them with many Tears & intreated him not to suffer us to
remain long so alone, but rejoice ourselves also among this
People here, seeing they are also a Reward of this Pains as
well as we.

13th. We went over [th]e Water again to visit but found very few
at home.  We visited also on [th]e Island, & had an Opportunity
of speaking some Thing of [th]e Love of God to a Delaware
Indian how he had lov’d us & lay’d down his Life of us [tha]t we
might no longer be Slaves of Sin, when we believ’d on him.
& [tha]t we co[ul]d be sav’d here so [tha]t when we departed out of [th]e
Body we need not be afraid of Death, but have confidence
in our Hearts, [tha]t we shall go to our d[ea]r Lord, where we can
be eternally happy he having adopted us for his Children.
I ask’d him if he wo[ul]d not look on it as a great Honour if a
great King wo[ul]d take him for his Child.  yes he said: it wo[ul]d
be a great Joy to him.  I told him The great god who had made
Heaven & Earth, who is [th]e King of Kings & Lord of all Men
He lov’d us so much as for our Sakes to come down upon Earth
to take all Men [tha]t he wo[ul]d make them free from [th]e Slavery of Sin
& [th]e Devil & He [tha]t wo[ul]d believe on him Such a one he wo[ul]d receive
for his Child his own Property.  This he preached & afterward
was Slain & split his Blood & by [tha]t Means purchased a Power
That it now only depends on this [tha]t we believe on him recieve
him for our God & then he receives us also for his Children
& gives us eternal Salvation.  When we believe on him, he
makes all these Things clear & manifest to us in our Hearts
& then we rejoice [tha]t he is our God & we his Children & thank
him [tha]t he has open’d our Eyes & Hearts, [tha]t we can now see &
know [wha]t we have on him.  The Indian Listen’d very attentively.
he understands English well.  We return’d home again &
commended him to [th]e Lamb in Prayer.  He wonder’d also very
much [tha]t we abode so long among [th]e Indians, I told him we
had no other End in it, than to make known [th]e Love of God
to them

14th.       We staid at Home & help’d our People gather Beans.  We

were both happy & contented, knowing who & [wha]t we are,

Sinners who live out of his Fullness.  If this was not so we sho[ul]d

often be very Uneasie.  God be praised [tha]t we have such a Lamb

who is so ready & willing to hear us.

15th.       Anna visited a Sick Woman, that was extreamly Ill, She

spoke to her of [th]e Love of God who had bled to Death on [th]e CroSs

for our Sins.                                 16th.


16th.      I went a visiting over [th]e Water, but co[ul]d do nothing

with them they being all Drunk.  some of them wo[ul]d fain

have constrain’d me to have drink once with them, I thank’d

them & withdrew myself from them as well as I co[ul]d. {Some

of them look’d very Fierce & Bloody} & return’d Home.

In [th]e Evening we had a little singing Hour, & laid all Our

Circumstances on [th]e Lamb’s Heart with many Tears, but

particularly those of our House, w[hi]ch for a Long Time have

lain very heavy on us, Andrew’s Wife went away toDay

& seem’d discontented, but we don’t properly know for what.


17th.       We thought much of Beth. & [th]e happy Hours one Enjoys there,

the Lamb bestow’d something on us likewise & we felt how

inmostly we were connected with you in Heart & [tha]t we partook

of their Blessing & Love which [th]e Lamb imparts unto you.

Anna visited again a sick Woman, & had an Opportunity of

speaking with her of our Savm she listen’d very attentively

to her. She had spoken to her sev. Times before. We pray’d

[th]e Lamb [tha]t  he himself wo[ul]d make [th]e Words spoken to him clear

in her Heart by his holy Spirit.  The old Mother in our Hut

was very uneasie [tha]t Andreas staid so long out, said she was

almost starv ed for Hunger having scarce had a bit of Flesh

these 4. Weeks & every Day nothing but Indian Corn.  She

ask’d us, If we co[ul]d hold out to eat nothing but Indian Corn?

We told her [tha]t we were well satisfied with it.  We did not

come here for good eating & drinking, we did not expect to

have it better & were thankfull to God [tha]t he bless that

Food to us.  We came here properly for [th]e Sake of [th]e poor Souls

to tell them something of our dr Lord & God, who will make

Mankind free from [th]e Slavery of Sin in which they lie by

Nature, but don’t know it [th]e God of this World having blinded

their Eyes & so we told her a great deal of [th]e End of our Coming

here                                18th.


End of John Edler’s transcription


Beginning of Ryan Clifford’s transcription We visited [th]e Kings Hut over [th]e Water, he was

very friendly tow.rd us. &amp imediatly gave us something

to eat out of his own Dish. There were but few of [th]e

Indians at home. We went over [th]e Water to Schikelleme’s, on [th]e Way

we met an Indian & his Wife, who knew us both very well

because we had visited them sev. Times. The Man was going

to visit his Friends on [th]e Island. He had in a Sack a few little

Indian Corn Loaves, his Wife said to him, give those 2 People

a Loaf, without Doubt they are hungry. The Man Whereupon he sat himself

down imediatly & took out [th]e biggest & gave us with [th]e greatest

Chearfullness. we accepted it with thankfullness. These &

People love us, we have spoke with them sev. Times. We

went forwards into [th]e Town, & had scarce been there a ¼ of an

Hour but 3 drunken Indians came, who had all bloody Heads,

& we were inform’d [tha]t [th]e most of them were drunk, they look’d

very blood thirsty & Malicious, so we soon return’d home again.

In [th]e Evening 2 Canoes full of Indians pass’d by who came from

Onondago & were going out to War. In [th]e Night came also

Andrews Brother, who lives in Canada & had a Mind to see his

him once. He is also going to War. As Andrews was not at Home

he went away again in [th]e Morning, because his company wo.d

20th  not wait for him. // After dinner Andrew return’d from Philad.a.

He was very friendly & had told us he had spoke with B.r Joseph in

Philad.a who had given him some Letters for us, but he had

them not with him, his Company wo.d bring them to Morrow or next

Day. He was a little dissatisfied ab.t  [th]e Circumstances of his House

particularly as his Wife was gone away & had left us alone. He

ask’d us, if we knew [th]e Cause why we went away? We told him

she had said nothing more to us than [tha]t she was minded to visit

her Mother who liv’d 80 miles from hence.

21st  Andrew went away again, he told us he wo.d see if he

co.d not yet meet with his B.r he had never yet seen him in his

Life. He is his own B.r they had one Mother. He went

thro’ Otztonwacke, & there he met with his Wife who told him

[tha]t his B.r was gone. We pray’d our d.r Sav.r with many Tears, [tha]t

he wo.d so dispose [th]e Heart of Andrew, as might  not be set ag.t

us by any Misrepresentation of Matters, but [tha]t he wo.d

& so preserve him, [tha]t he may see & Acknowledge [tha]t we are

here purely out of love to [th]e poor Indians.

22.d Andrews Company arrived here. We had eagerly expected

them for our Letters, which they soon deliverd to us. The

Woman was very friendly, & co.d not express with what  great love she

had been reced by our People in Phil:a but particularly [that] the

Women had kiss’d her. She said; it had made a great Impression on

her Heart, for she had never before been treated in [th]is manner

by white People. They bro.t also some Provisions with them

from our & Sisters in Tulpohocken, for which we were

heartily thankfull, seeing thereby [th]e Care our d.r Sav.r takes for

his poor Children. What our Sav.r ask’d his Disciples once

Did you want any Thing? Was afresh thereby made weighty to

our Hearts, & we can in Truth answer: Lord! Nothing. He

careth ever for us, & indeed we must be asham’d when we see

how faithfully our Sav.r deals with us, & displays his fatherly

Heart tow.ds us. Even here in this Place also he has done many

Things for us, & given us to experience, how gracious, how

merciful, how faithfull he is to his Children. The Letters

were very sweet to us, & gave us new Courage in our Plan,

The Heart of our Sav.r & his Children refresh’d greatly, feeling

how inmostly our Hearts were connected with his & yours,

& [tha]t we act & walk together in one Spirit, The Lamb teach-

ing & guiding us by his Spirit which rules in the Churches.

It humbled us in [th]e very dust, [tha]t [th]e Lamb is so near & gracious

to us.

23.d Anna visited a sick woman, & told her how ready &

willing our Sav.r was to help &amp receive Sinners, & to make

them eternally happy. He [tha]t will accept it, to him he

will give it, we need not first buy or merrit it. No, he is so full

of Love [tha]t he will give it for nothing. The woman was very

attentive. In [th]e Evening Andrew & his Wife came home

again, & were both very friendly, which was a great Joy to

us, seeing our Sav.r  had so graciously heard our Prayers,

for which we thank’d him in Tears.  We went over [th]e Water to visiting [th]e Delawares. They

had a feast, we ask’d them if we might not stay & be present

at it? They reply’d they sho.d  have nothing ag.t it. There were

6 Men & their Wifes. They boild a whole Dear & 2 kettles

full of Pumpkins, & had 12 Loaves of Bread. They divided

the Flesh venison into 12 Shares & laid a Loaf of of Bread on each,

& [th]e Pumpkins they put into each ones 12 Kettles, each one

of [th]e Guests bringing One with him. The 12 set themselves

down & eat till they were satisfied, & w.t  was left they took

with them. They were mostly old People. The Donor was

a young man, he & his Wife did not eat a Bit of their Share.

It was done in a very orderly manner, & when all was ended they had done

they return’d thanks after in their Way. They Sung Hee 3 Times

w[h]ich they drill’d out very long, & then they all got up. One of them

said: let us give our Friends something eat, & bro.t us of his

Share a Piece of Flesh & some Pumpkins. which we thankfully

accepted. Then each one went Home. We visited them in

their Hutts, & had an Opportunity, to speak of [th]e Love of our

Sav.r to an old Man. O how doth our Hearts rejoice when we

find an Opportunity to tell them something of our Lamb, because

‘tis so seldom we can get One here, they being for [th]e most

part drunk. This makes us glad when we can find One here & there with whom we

can speak. with Hitherto we have had no opportunity to do any Thing

else, if not being our Buisness to compell the People, but in

Love to seek after them, & to wait so long till our Sav.r himself

makes us an Opportunity to proceed farther. For preach.g in

Publick [tha]t Way is not yet made clear & sho.d we do it now, it wo.d be

ag.t  our Plan, & [th]e Conviction of our Hearts. We see therefore how

good it is to abide by our Method, Vizt : Pray & Weep till

our Sav.r opens [th]e Way for us. The Example of M.r Brainer a

Presbyterian Minister, clearly proves this: He was here in

the Spring, & took a great deal of Pains to get [th]e Indians together

in order to preach to them, which he did, but it had no good Effect,

for when he came again this Fall they shun’d him all [th]at lay

in their Power. Our Sav.r by his holy Spirit teach us to act

wisely, [tha]t we may do no damage to his Cause. In [th]e Evening we

had an Opportunity of Speaking ab.t the Weightiness of Baptism.

Our Feeling & Conception of it, & [tha]t no one co.d justly take it

ill of us, if we did not imediatly Baptise them on their Request,

since we lack on esteem [th]e Grace imparted in Baptism to be very great &

precious. It is therefore so in our Hearts, that when we

baptise any one, we expect [tha]t [th]e Person baptised sho.d have

a Feeling of the Matter, & [tha]t he may be kept in the baptismal

Grace imparted to him. It was not so with us, as with many

Others, who think if they are but baptis’d it’s enough. No, we

then transact such matters before our Sav.r, & must give & Acc.t

to him of them what we do in such weighty Affairs. We will by no

means deceive the People by telling them, that it’s enough, but

No, [th]e there is something more required, Viz.t Faith in Jesus. As it

is written: He [tha]t believeth & is baptised shall be sav’d. We staid at Home &amp laid all our Circumstances in Shomoeo on [th]e Lambs

Heart, & at [th]e same Time pray’d [tha]t he wo.d soon give us B.rn &

Sisters from among them. We went over [th]e Water a visiting, was little at Home. We were mostly at Home.  We went over [th]e Water to Shickellime he was very friendly

to us & gave us something to eat. We Went into [th]e Town, the Delawares

every where who were at Home all reced us very friendly.

We spoke to a Man & his Wife, who lov’d us, of [th]e Love of

Jesus & why he came into [th]e World, [tha]t he did it for our own Sakes,

[tha]t we might be redeem’d, from [th]e Service of Sin, He will receive

us for his Children, he will make us Partakers of his heavenly

Treasures, he will help whosoever desires to be help’d. O w.t

a good & faithfull Sav.r w.t a loving God is he, when one knows

him, we need no more be afraid of him, but one can behave

tow.ds him as a Child tow.ds his Father, He knows us. Out of Love

to us he laid down his Life, & rose again. Nothing new rejoiceth

his Heart so much, as when many believe on him, Many suffer

themselves to be deliver’d from their Sins, There is Power

enough in his Blood to make all [th]e Indians free, if they will

but accept it. They both hearken’d with attention. May our d.r

Sav.r make these Matters clear to them in their Hearts by his

holy Spirit. We visited on [th]e Island, were little at Home. We staid at Home [th]e Lamb was very near to us. We thought

much on our d.r Beth: particularly on all our d.r Hearts

there, it went a little near us [tha]t we had not seen any of them

so long, but confidently hop’d shortly to see one of our d.r Bethlehem

B.rn Here with us. We thought much also on our d.r Shecomeco &

laid it on [th]e Lambs Heart, since it is his Work which he has

begun there We went over [th]e Water again to visit Schickelleme. the Indians

were almost all gone out except a few old People. The Men

were gone a hunting many of them don’t return again in 2 Months

& some not before [th]e Spring. The Women are many of them gone

to Tulpohocken with Horses to fetch Liquor. In Shickeleme’s House

there were 2 Indians who came hither from Wayomick, & are going

out a hunting, they both knew us one of them was a Shavanos,

but co.d speak good Mahikandish, [th]e Other was a Mahikander.

The former ask’d us w.t we wo.d do here? & told us [tha]t 5 Nations

wo.d not allow any any one to teach [th]e Indians. You, said he, are

like [th]e Pidgeons, when you come to a Place, 1 or 2 don’t come

alone, but imediatly a whole Company fly thither. He told

Schickeleme also [tha]t we were like [th]e Doves, where one Came,

& sits a whole Flock fly after him. Schickeleme was quite

still & did not answer him a Word, whereupon they went their

Way. Schickeleme was very friendly tow.ds us, we took leave of

him & went Home likewise. Nov.r We visited on [th]e Island but found no body at Home except but

some 2 old Women & Children.

2.d We were at Home. In [th]e Evening 12 Indians came here by

Water from Canada, & are going to war ag.t [th]e Cherikees, they

were all acquainted with Andrew, & one of them was his Friend

Relation. Andrew said these Indians came very far back, more

than 400.d Miles above Onondago. They look’d very blood thirsty

lodg’d near Andrew’s Hutt, & prepared imediatly for dancing,

they got an empty Rum Barrel beat out [th]e Bottom & made

a Drum of it, & began to be very merry in their Way, hallow’d

& danced for 2 hours together. All this time [th]e Enemy in whose

Eye we are a Thorn & who wo.d gladly get us out of the Way was very buisy with them, they got to drinking

& were so drunk, [tha]t they roar’d like Beasts, & had like to have

pull’d the Hutt over our Ears. Ab.t Midnight 4 of them came

into our Hutt, look’d very Fierce & Bloody. Andrew got out

of Bed directly for fear they sho.d do us a Mischeif, & bro.t them

out of [th]e Hut, in ab.t an Hour, another came in, he was

very full of Fury, Snatch’d a great Fire Brand out of the Fire,

& said he wo.d burn the white People, Andrew got up again directly

& pull’d the Brand out of his Hands, but he catch’d hold of [th]e Gun

& wo.d have shot us, but Andrew got [tha]t also out of his Hands.

at last he laid hold of a great Stick & was coming to knock our

Brains out with it, but Andrew seiz’d [tha]t likewise out of his Hands

&  told him he sho.d be gone, but he wo.d not go. Andrew told him

then he sho.d sit by the Fire side, he set down but did not stay

long afterwards, went out, &amp was almost kill’d by one of [th]e other

Indians. Andrew was much concern’d for us, for fear [th]e drunken

Indians sho.d do us hurt. We told him if he thought proper we

wo.d go for [th]e &  spend [th]e remainder of [th]e Night in [th]e Woods, but he did

not think it adviseable for us, as it was so very cold. We set

staid therefore & commended ourselves to [th]e Care & Protection of

[th]e Lamb, & wish’d it might soon be Day. They fought together &

beat one another in a Cruel Manner. We pray’d [th]e Lamb heartily

that he wo.d soon bring some one to us from [th]e Congregation, on

Acc.t of my Wife’s Circumstances, which we laid on [th]e Lambs

Heart with many Tears, & pray’d him to keep her both in Body & Soul.

3.d In [th]e Morning early our House was full of drunken Indians.

Martin & Anna had concluded they wo.d to go together in [th]e Woods

& stay till [th]e Indians were gone. As we were ab.t to go

B.r J. Hagen & Joseph came up to [th]e door to our agreeable

surprise, but they co.d not get in because of [th]e drunken Indians,

we imediatly went out to them. One of [th]e drunken Indians

welcomed B.r Joseph by taking his Bag from his Back &

throwing it into [th]e Woods, & his Hat from his Head, he put [th]e Hat

on his own Head, & run away. Joseph took it very patiently. We

soon went out together in [th]e Woods, to welcome kiss &

embrace each other a little. Andrew follow’d us soon after,

was very much greiv’d, [tha]t such an Uproar had happen’d in his

House. We directly held a little Conference together, & as I had

seen in [th]e Letter [tha]t we sho.d Change our Quarters. I presently

acquainted B.r Hagen with our Circumstances here. [Tha]t since Andrew

intended soon to move away with his Friends, & [tha]t we co.d

not live any longer on [th]e Island, it being attended with many

Difficulties, we unanimously agreed to speak with Schikeleme

ab.t it. We ask’d Andrew if he thought well of it? he said: Yes.

& offer’d himself to go with us to him, as our Interpreter. We

went to him directly. When we came there, we told him [tha]t Martin

& Anna had hither to both lodg’d with Andrew, but as he was

now going away & it would not do any longer to live there. We

It came into our minds to ask him, if these 2 B.rn, who were come

here to visit us, co.d not live in his House. (We two went back

again for [th]e present.) Or if they sho.d look out for another Hut.

He reply’d: there was no Occasion for them to look out for

another Hut, his, was big enough, & we were heartily welcome

to live in his Hut as long as we pleased, he sho.d be very glad

of it to have some of our People with him. We thank’d him

very much for his kind offer & told him something of our

Plan & [th]e reason why we liv’d amongst them; Viz.t by no Means

to make a Gain of it, but purely out Love to their Souls.

Schikeleme reply’d: If a Trader or any other White Man

desired to live with him he wo.d not permit it. But he gave

us leave because he knew something of us, & [tha]t we liv’d

with him for [th]e good of [th]e Indians. We  told him also [tha]t he

might deal very freely with us, we wo.d not be troublesome

& if it sho.d happen [tha]t a great many Indians were at any Time in his House to

lodge for a few Days, & there was not room for our B.rn, he

sho.d then tell them to go out of his a while for [th]e present, or sho.d

show them a Hutt where they co.d lodge so long. He said: there

was no manner of Occasion for that, his House was big enough.

The Cabin sho.d be for them & our B.rn & no body else sho.d live in

  1. We thank’d him very much for his Love & kindness

shown to us. We thank’d our Lamb also for his open Door

& have great Hopes, [tha]t [th]e Lamb will soon glorify himself

here in Shamoco. I return’d Home with Andrew, to fetch

my things over [th]e Water to Shickeleme’s, as Andrew’s House

was fill’d with [th]e Warriors from Canada. I ask’d him also,

(as I & my Wife had liv’d with him for above 7 Weeks) w.t we

had to pay. He said: I sho.d not mention that, he was very much

griev’d, [tha]t we had fared so poorly in his House, we

had scarce anything all [th]e 7 Weeks but Indian Corn, he had never liv’d

so poorly in his Life. I told him we were heartily thankfully

for it, & [tha]t we co.d live so long in his Hut. We did not come

here, thinking we sho.d fare well, we did not expect it better

than we had found it, Their Souls were the Objects which

bro.t us here. It was out of Love to them we came here.

We took our leave of them w[hi]ch went a little near to them, Old

Madam Madam Montour wept very much, because we

went away so unexpectedly. Andrew conducted us over

[th]e Water, he desired us to think of him & particularly on

his Fellow Travellors. In [th]e Evening we held a Conference

with B.r Hagen ab.t [th]e Work in Shomoco, & told him how it

had been in our Hearts hither to with Respect to the Indians

& how we had acted. In general our Cheif Plan (which we reced

from [th]e Church, & wch was also made so clear to us in our Hearts

& so exactly corresponded with our Feeling, that we surely believ’d

[th]e Lamb wo.d be with us & make us manifest in the Hearts of this

as yet wild People, tho’ we co.d do nothing else) was to Pray

& Weep. We visited them very constantly, If the Indians gave us

an Opportunity to speak something of the Occasion of our being

here, we did so & at [th]e same Time magnified [th]e Love of God wch

he bore tow.ds them. If they did not give us an Opportunity we

were still, & pray’d to the Lamb for them. Preaching to them, is

at present not to be thought of (It being a Suspicious Thing

amongst them) till they themselves give us an Opportunity.

In [th]e mean Time we have reason to pray our Sav.r to keep us

in Faith, Love & Hope tow.ds these as yet wild Hearts

till their Time comes. In [th]e Evening we had a little

singing Hour together in Shickeleme’s House, which was

in sweet stillness.

4th In [th]e Morning we made ourselves ready to set

out. Schickeleme gave us a Piece of Venison with us to

boil on the Way. B.r Hagen & Joseph went with us as far

as [th]e Eva Creek. We spoke a great deal toger ab.t [th]e being

Childlike tow.ds our Sav.r & with each other. We tenderly

embraced & took leave of each other, which was a little hard

to us, & our Hearts burst into Tears, Martin & Anna

ascended [th]e Spangenberg, & Hagen & Joseph, look’d after

us till we were out of Sight, we got safe up [th]e Mountain

tho’, Anna was at last forced to creep on her Hands &

Knees. We got [th]e same Day a great Way on our Journey

In [th]e Evening an Indian Trader met us with 25 loaded Horse.

We reach’d Anna-Thal Where we took up our Nights


5th We arrived in Tulpohocken, &amp were reced by our

B.r & Sister Lösh with much love.

Nov. 6th B.r &amp Sister Meürers visited us & rejoiced heartily

at our Arrival & [tha]t we were both so happy & well. Martin &

Philip visited [th]e same Evening, Conrad Weiser. I had

something to deliver him from Schikeleme.

Conrad was well satisfied with our having been in Shomoco

& with all w.t we had done there. He said if we had told

him [tha]t we had done great Deeds &amp converted many Indians.

He wo.d not have believ’d us; But [tha]t wch we related to him

he believed. He has much [th]e same Ideas as we ab.t [th]e

Conversion of [th]e Indians.

8th We reach’d B.r Wagner’s in Heidelberg. In [th]e Evening

some B.rn & Sisters came to see us.

10th We arrived in Our d.r Beth: by the o.r Church. our

Heart melted into Tears for all [th]e Grace, Love, Faithfullness

& Care our d.r Sav.r has bestow’d on us, his 2 poor Children

in these 9 weeks past. O it humbles us in [th]e ground of

our Hearts. Receive us again as y.r Children, we have

felt & experienced how good it is to be y.r Children, how

happy to have fellowship with you, We neither will

nor can live without you.

Y.r poor fellow Pilgrims

Martin & Anna